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Our Fabrics are Earth-Friendly

In selecting our fabrics, we look for beauty, comfort and environmental sustainability. Our blend of 55% hemp and 45% Tencel™ merges hemp’s strength, durability and colorfastness with the drape and sheen of Tencel™.

Hemp grows rapidly and requires little water and no pesticides, fertilizers or herbicides. Its deep roots actually improve the soil in which it’s grown. Hemp has natural anti-microbial properties and is resistant to mold and mildew. It absorbs and releases perspiration quickly and breathes well. Its long fibers result in durable fabric that actually softens with wear.

Tencel™ is the trade name for lyocell, a fabric developed to emulate the positive characteristics of rayon, such as good drape, breathability and sheen while counteracting its negative environmental impacts. Earth-friendly Tencel™ uses only wood from tree farms and recycles the solvents used to transform the wood pulp into fibers in a “closed loop” system.

Combining these two fibers results in a fabric that can be machine washed and tumble dried. We preshrink all of our garments.

Sympatico Size Chart


  X Small Small Medium Large X Large
Size 2-4 6-8 10-12 14-16 18-20
Bust 33"-34" 35"-36" 37"-38" 39"-41" 42"-441/2"
Waist 25"-26" 27"-28" 29"-30" 31"-33" 34"-36 1/2"
Hips 35"-36" 37"-38" 39"-40" 41"-43" 44"-46 1/2"


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